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Swiss Mobiliar indoor sports Channel

Swiss Mobiliar indoor sports Channel

Since 2013, Swiss Mobiliar has been bundling the best of basketball, handball, volleyball and floorball. As the chief sponsor of the corresponding associations, the company makes a major contribution to the promotion of these four sports. Swiss Mobiliar also takes part in the national Topscorer Sponsoring, is the main sponsor of the four “Supercups”, organises various Mobiliar Kids Days and the Mobiliar Topscorer Gala, and backs local sports projects and events through the significant commitment of its 79 general agencies.
In order to intensify its support for the four above-mentioned sports at top level, youth level and especially grassroot level throughout the country, Swiss Mobiliar has decided to enter into a partnership with IBIY. From February 2019, IBIY will have access to a Mobiliar indoor sports channel, which unites all projects of the four sports associations. Every month, the first ten successful projects per indoor sport will each be supported by an amount of CHF 200.

Projects by disciplines

AVGe : Camp d'entraînement exceptionnel en Turquie

Pour préparer les Final Four, nous projetons de partir en camp de Pâques à Belek
9830 of 8000 CHF
Swiss Mobiliar indoor sportsALDI sport generationPostFinance Boost

Destinazione ... FINAL FOUR Neuchâtel

Tutti i sogni possono realizzarsi solo se si hai il coraggio di inseguirli.
3540 of 3500 CHF
PostFinance BoostSwiss Mobiliar indoor sports

Als Goalie an die Prague Games 2020

Ich wurde ausgewählt als Goalie an die Prague Games 2020 zu gehen. Das ist MEINE Chance!
in 6 days
2360 of 2500 CHF
PostFinance BoostSwiss Mobiliar indoor sports

Wir wollen zu den Besten gehören

Durch deine Unterstützung können wir unsere sechste Beachsaison optimal in Angriff nehmen!
in 11 days
4650 of 5000 CHF
Mobiliar SpecialPostFinance BoostSwiss Mobiliar indoor sports

Spahr brothers on tour: Snowvolley all the way up!

Helfen Sie mit, uns im Gesamtranking in den Top 5 des Snowvolleyballs zu positionieren!
in 17 days
320 of 4500 CHF
Swiss Mobiliar indoor sports

Pour un renouveau de Vevey Riviera Basket !

Contribution pour un nouveau Riviera Basket !
in 20 days
1686 of 20000 CHF
Swiss Mobiliar indoor sports

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