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Joint support for a successful Olympic participation!

Joint support for a successful Olympic participation!

I Believe In You – this message will motivate our Swiss Olympic athletes during their preparations for Tokyo 2021. POLAR, official supporter of the Swiss Olympic Team, launched the Road to Tokyo channel in cooperation with I Believe In You. Various athletes will receive a contribution for the last few months before Tokyo to experience an unforgettable Olympic participation. Support our Swiss athletes to make the most successful Olympic year in history a reality! In return you will receive, among other things, a voucher for POLAR's personal training companions, depending on the amount of your donation!

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Road to Tokyo

Wir wollen uns für Tokyo qualifizieren!

00:00:0010000 of 10000 CHF

Unser Traum zum Greifen nah!

Zwei Synchronschwimmerinnen aus Liechtenstein, die alles geben um ihren Traum zu erreichen

00:00:0014266 of 13846 CHF

Tokyo im Blick

Mit meinem Physiotherapeuten ins Trainingslager in Fuji und an den Weltcup in Tokyo.

00:00:003705 of 3000 CHF