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Take off with PostFinance Boost

Take off with PostFinance Boost

PostFinance supports 30 projects every month with PostFinance Boost. The first 30 projects in a month to reach 50% of the target amount receive a financial boost of 200 francs. A requirement is that the project has been successfully financed. PostFinance Boost is the financial service provider’s commitment to the entire spectrum of Swiss sports.

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Auf dem Weg zur Weltspitze

Damit ich kommende Saison Europameisterschaft fahren kann, brauche ich eure Hilfe!

dans un jour3660 of 20000 CHF
PostFinance Boost
FernUni Schweiz

International durchstarten

Der nächste wichtige Schritt in meiner Motocross Karriere ist die U17 EMX.

dans 3 jours5540 of 10000 CHF
PostFinance Boost