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Two women tackle an alpine route that was until now never climbed by woman-only team

In the mountains, women are undeniably able and strong and brave, though historically we have not always been allowed to just go out and do what we want to do.

This time two of us want to climb a ridge in Switzerland which was until now only climbed by men’s or mixed woman-man teams. It’s also one of rarely climbed ridges leading to Nordend and than continuing to highest peak of Switzerland, Dufourspitze.  St. Catherinagrat is one of the hardest but most beautiful ridges in Switzerland, going trough beautiful high alpine terrain. Long, demanding and certainly unique. 

To introduce myself and my partner, I’ll start with Katerina. She’s a incredibly strong woman from Czech Republic, currently living in Zurich, Switzerland. Until now she climbed several 4'000m peaks in the Alps and her goal is to finish all 48 of them existing in Switzerland. She always looks for challenges and when I suggested this climb, she hasn’t hesitated a minute. She is very enthusiastic and realistic about her goals. Katarina makes everyone smile and always makes positive end for any story. She started climbing just two years ago but she progressed very quickly and fell in love with the big mountains.

My name is Dina. Originally from Croatia, my love for the mountains started at young age when my mum took me hiking nearly every weekend. Although I didn’t love it that much back then, everything changed with moving to Switzerland couple of years ago when I fell in love with Alpine climbing and touring. I also fell in love with the big mountains and hard routes. This route was in my mind for some time, but it was not until I met Katarina that I was thinking that this was really possible. 

Mountaineering requires a lot of time and money, training and commitment. For our project we would love to be supported by people who belive in women in the mountains, who think we deserve same chance as men and that we are capable of doing same hard stuff. We would use the money for our training before the project and the project itself as paying for mountain huts and equipment we will need on our journey. Also, we would donate 10% of the money to one organisation supporting women’s rights.

Thank you to everyone who donates for your support. 

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