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We need your help purchasing testing equipment for our events held around Europe.

Our Story

We are a new sports startup company located in Bern, Switzerland. Our mission is to help athletes be exposed to coaches, colleges, and professional teams throughout the world using data-analytics, athletic training & career development, and event organization.

Purpose of this Project

We are looking to raise funds so that we are able to purchase the needed equipment for all of our future events held throughout Europe. To run combine events we need very expensive equipment that captures the athletes results quickly and efficiently. This will allow us to capture and obtain the needed data to help athletes be exposed to coaches and teams around the world.


Whats Needed

  1. 3x Laser Testing Equipment $2,500 per
  2. 2x Height, Wingspan, Hand Size Measurement $750 per
  3. 2x Vertical Jump Mats $630 per

the price of shipping to Switzerland will be very expensive due to the size of the packages and weight of the packages.


What Our Events Include

  1. Athletes that attend our events are put through sport-specific combine drills (Example: agility drills, speed drills, vertical jump) and information is recorded using the equipment that we need.
  2. Events are recorded and live-streamed to our audience
  3. These events take place over the weekend and athletes who attend are provided: Hotel Accommodation, Food, Interviews, WSO Gear, Skill Development, and Career Development learning sessions with each ticket purchase.
  4. Verified Scouts are present at our events to conduct player evaluations and help with all of the drills
  5. Athletes who attend not only receive verified combine data but are exposed to potentially obtain an Athletic Scholarship to go to school in America or receive an invitation to try out for a Professional Club

What Project Success Looks Like

If we are able to achieve our goal we will have the necessary testing equipment to not only expose our athletes but to increase our business and allow our event platform to be the best place to achieve athletic testing results.

Please Consider Helping Our Cause

We need your help to accomplish our goals. We can not do this without you. Please help us so that we are able to help athletes around the world obtain verified testing results. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to presenting you with our rewards.

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